The bears wrestling DVD collection


2 Cold Scorpio (RF)

2 Cold Scorpio (SS ROH)

Abdullah The Butcher I

Abdullah The Butcher 1998 - 2 discs

Ahmed Johnson

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

On the Road with AJ Styles

Al Perez – 2 discs

Al Snow 2008

Secrets of the Ring with Al Snow

Alex Shane (FWA) – 2 discs
Arn Anderson
Austin Idol
Axl Rotten & Raven Tell All!
Baby Doll

Bad News Allen Shoot

Balls Mahoney (are eff Video)

Balls Mahoney (UXW)

Bam Bam Bigelow I – 4 discs

Baron Von Raschke

Barry Darsow/Wayne Bloom

Barry Horowitz

Barry Windham

Barry Windham vol 2 (2009)

Bart Gunn

Beverly Borthers
Big Dick Dudley

Bill Alphonso - 2 discs

Bill Apter

Bill Dundee

Bill Eadie (Masked Superstar/Ax)

Bill Irwin

Bill Kerstan

Bill Watts 2000

Billy Gunn (2 Discs)

Billy Jack Haynes  - 2 DVDS               

Billy Jack Haynes – The Conspiracy Theory

Black Bart

Blackjack Mulligan (2 discs)

Blood - The Hennig Family

Blue Meanie
Blue Meanie (IPW)
Blue Meanie (ROH)
Blue Meanie & Jasmine St Clare

Bob And Brad Armstrong
Bob Armstrong

Bob Giegel

Bob Holly

Bob Holly - Youshoot
Bob Orton Jr

Bob Orton (2010)

Bob Roop – 4 discs

Bobby Eaton – 2 discs

Bobby Fulton – 2 discs

Bobby Heenan (2 discs)

Bobby Simmons - 2 discs

Boris Zhukov

Brad Armstrong

Bret Hart 2000

Bret Hart (2 discs)
Brian Adias
Brian Christopher

Brian Lee – 2 discs

Brickhouse Brown Shoot Interview (2 discs)

Bruce Hart shoot
Bruiser Brody

Bruno Sammartino (2 discs)

Bruno Sammartino & Harley Race – The Great Debate

Brutus Beefcake

Bryan Clark

Buddy Landell

Buddy Roberts

Buff Bagwell

Burrhead Jones

Butch Reed (SS ROH)
Butch Reed (RF)

Charlie Haas 2007

Charlie Platt

Chavo Guerrero Snr (2 discs)
Chaz Warrington
Chic Donovan
Chris Adams

Chris Benoit (mini Shoot Interview

Chris Candido (RF)

Chris Candido (SMV - 2 discs)
Chris Candido & Sunny

Chris Champion – 2 discs

Chris Kanyon (RFVideo) (2 discs)

Christoher Daniels(RF)

Christoher Daniels(ROH)

Christy Hemme

Colt Cabana & CM Punk

Colin Delaney

Corporal Kirchner/Leatherface

Crash Holly 2003 (RF)

Crash Holly (Highspots)
Cryme Tyme 2007

Curtis Hughes – 2 discs

CW Anderson

Da Gangstas


Dan Spivey

Danny Davis
Danny Doring

David Schultz

Dawn Marie Shoot

Debra McMichael (Highspots)

Demolition 2008
Demolition (Ringside)

Dennis Condrey Shoot

Dennis Coralluzzo

Dennis Hall - 2 discs

Diamond Dallas Page
Diamond Dallas Page

Dick Slater shoot                 

Dirty White Boy - Tony Anthony

Disco Inferno

Dixie Carter – Youshoot

Don Fargo
Don Kernodle
Don Muraco

Don Muraco - Behind Closed Doors

Dory Funk Jr 2 disc

Doug Somers

Droz Shoot

The Dudley Boys (2 discs)

Dustin Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes

Secrets of the Ring with Dusty Rhodes

Dutch Mantell

Eddie Gilbert

Eddie Guerrero

Eric Embry

Erik Watts 2 DVDs
Ernest Miller

Ernie Ladd


Behind Closed Doors – Extreme Summit

Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young

Face Off Raven,Sullivan & Jake Roberts

Face Off: Raven & Honky Tonk Man

Face Off: Raven & Kevin Sullivan – Pure Evil

Face Off: Queens of Extreme (Tammy & Francine)

Face Off - Raven & Jim Mitchell


Flashback: XWF Shoot Interviews

Straight Shootin’ With Francine

Gabe Spaloliski (guest booker)

Gail Kim

Gary Hart

Gary Hart (Guest Booker Series)

Gary Michael Capetta

Gary Wolfe (are eff Video)
Gene Snitsky

George South

Glacier Shoot

Glamour Glitz & Divas – The Untold Story of American Women’s Wrestling (2 discs)

Godfather 2009
Godwinns Shoot

Got Heat? (2 discs)

Great Mephisto **2 DVDS

Greg Gagne – Guest Booker

Greg Valentine

Greg Valentine - BCD

Godfather Shoot

Gorgeous George Home Video

Gypsy Joe

Hacksaw Duggan

Hacksaw Jim Duggan – Timeline WWF 1988

Hardcore Reunion Q&A 09/03/27 (are eff Video)
Hardy Boyz (3 discs)

Harley Race          

Harley Race & Terry Funk

Ron & Don Harris Shoot Interview
Harry Smith

The Hart Foundation


In The Ring With: Homicide

Honkytonk Man

Honkytonk Man - On the Road

Honky Tonk Man Vol. 2  (youshoot) 

Timeline: History of WWE- 1987 Honky Tonk Man

Hulk Hogan on Howard Stern

Ian Rotten (RF)
Ian Rotten (SMV) - 2 discs

Iceman King Parsons

Italian Stallion

Iron Sheik 2007

The Iron Sheik  (you shoot) 
Ivan Koloff – 3 discs

Ivan Koloff (2009)

Ivan Putski


Timeline WWF 2001 with Lisa "Ivory" Moretti

Jack Brisco

Jack Victory

Jacques Rougeau (2 Discs)

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts - On the Road
Jamie Dundee (2 discs)

Jazz & Rodney Mack Shoot Interview
Jeff Hardy

Jerry Jarrett – 2 discs

Jerry Jarrett – Guest Booker

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lynn

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura on Stern

Jim Cornette (Ring Roast) 
Jim Cornette - youshoot

Jim Cornette SMW Fan Week Shoot Interview 1993 – 2 discs

Jim Cornette SMW Fan Week Shoot Interview 1994 – 2 discs

Jim Cornette SMW Fan Week Shoot Interview 1995 – 3 discs

Jim Cornette Shoot Interview 2000 – 2 discs

Jim Cornette Shoot Interview 2003 – 2 discs

Jim Cornette 1995 – 3 discs

Jim Cornette & Bill Watts vol. 1

Jim Cornette & Bill Watts vol. 2

Jim Cornette Guest Booker – 2 discs

Bobby Heenan & Jim Cornette #1 (quality upgrade)

Bobby Heenan & Jim Cornette #2 (quality upgrade)

Bobby Heenan & Jim Cornette #3 (quality upgrade)

Jim Cornette & Bruno Sammartino
Jim Cornette & Konnan
Jim Cornette & Nick Bockwinkel
Jim Cornette & Percy Pringle

Secrets of the Ring with Jim Cornette

Straight Shootin’ With Jim Mitchell

Jim Powers

Jimmy Golden

Jimmy Hart Shoot (RF)

Jimmy Hart (Highspots - 2 discs)
Jim Neidhart

Jimmy Garvin (RF)

Jim Ross – 1 on 1
Jimmy Snuka

Jimmy Valiant – 2 discs

Jimmy Yang

JJ Dillon

JJ Dillon (guest booker)

Joanie Laurer (2 discs)

Joey Matthews

John Heidenreich

John Nord (Jake33)

John Nord (RF)
John Tatum

Jushin Thunder Liger
Juvented Guerrera - 2 discs
Kamala Shoot Interview (ROH)

Kamala (RF)
Kamala (MWF)
Ken Kennedy – 2 discs

Ken Patera - Straight Shootin

Ken Patera (2008)

Ken Shamrock                     

Kerry Brown

Kevin Kelly Shoot – 2 discs

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash (DOI)

Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman (face off)

Guest Booker with Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan & the End of WCW (KC)

Kevin Sullivan (BCD)

Kevin Sullivan (YS)

Kevin von Erich

Kid Kash

Koko B Ware

Konnan (SS ROH)

Konnan (RF)

Konnan (Wrestling Universe)
Kimberly Page Shoot

Kristi Myst (18+ Contains Nudity)

Kurt Angle – 2 discs

Lacey Von Erich

Lance Russell

Lance Storm

Lance Strom Vol. 2 (2 discs)

Lanny Poffo (2 Discs)

Larry Hennig

Larry Zbyszko (2006) (RF) (2 Discs)

Larry Zybzko (Highspots -2 discs)
Lex Luger Shoot (High)

Lex Luger (RF)

Life in the Fast Lane

Little Guido

Little Guido (Nunzio) Shoot (2009)

Lives Legacies & Legends of Samoans in Pro-Wrestling (2 discs)

Lou Albano (Wrest Universe)

Lou Albano (RF)

Louie Spicolli

Luke Williams and Al Snow – Bell to Bell

Luke Williams – Guest Booker


Mac McMurray

Madman Pondo - 2 discs

Magnum TA

Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff                            

Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff – My Side

Manny Fernandez (2007) (RF)

Manny Fernandez (SMV - 2 discs)
Maria – Divas Diary

Mark Lewin
Marc Mero

Mark Rocco Shoot

Marty Jannnetty

Marty Jannetty Shoot Interview 2009

Matt Borne (2010) are ef
Matt Borne Shoot – 2 discs

Matt Classic Best of / Shoot Interview (AIW)

Mene gene Okerland Shoot

Mick Foley – 2 discs

Michael Modest

Midnight Express (Lane and Eaton)

Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) (SS ROH)

Midnight Express (Eaton and Condrey) (Highspots)

Original Midnight Express (Rose and Condrey)

Midnight Express & Fantastics - Round Table

Mike Awesome

Mike George

Mike Graham -2 discs

Guest Booker Mike Graham

Mike Rotundo

Mike Shaw


Missing Link

Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt (Youshoot)

Mitch Karch – conversation with – 3 discs

Moondog Rex

Mr Fuji (SS ROH)

Mr Fuji (RF)

Mulky Bros. Shoot
My Side of the Story with Tito Santana & Greg Valentine

Nasty Boys

The Nasty Boys

New Age Outlaws 2005

New Jack 2004

Doin’ Time with New Jack (2 discs)

Nick Bockwinkle

Nick Patrick (2009)

Nikita Koloff

Nikolai Volkoff
Shootin’ the Shit Crap with Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly)


Off the Record S116 (Chyna, HHH, Michael Hayes, Vince & Bischoff)

Off the Record S117 (Honky, Bret, Anvil, Davey Boy & Waldo Von Erich)

Off the Record Vol. 1 (Vince, Austin, Rock & Mick Foley)

Off the Record Vol. 2 (Bret, Foley, Booker T, HHH & Jim Ross)

Off the Record Vol. 3 (Jericho, Undertaker, Paul Heyman, Hogan & Lawler)

Off the Record Vol. 4 (Bret, Benoit, Angle, Vince & HHH)

Off the Record Vol. 5 (Bret, Jericho, Jimmy Hart, Edge & Christian, Ted DiBiase)

Off the Record Vol. 6 (RVD, Cena, Piper, Heenan, Mean Gene, Venis, Jericho & Edge)

Ole Anderson (2 discs)

Ole Anderson 2008

On the Road with AJ Styles

On the Road with Tajiri & Super Crazy

One Man Gang (SS ROH)

One Man Gang (RF - 2 discs)
Outsiders (Nash and Hall)

Ox Baker – 2 discs

Pat Tanaka – 2 discs

Paul Ellering

Paul Ellering (2009)

Paul Jones

Paul Orndorf (2 discs)

Paul Orndorf (BCD)

Percy Pringle Volume 1
Percy Pringle Volume 2

Petey Williams

Powers of Pain

Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Volume 1
Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Volume 2
Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Volume 3 (DVD Player To Recorder)
Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Volume 4
Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Volume 5

Raven (Guest Booker Series) dvd rip

Face Off: Raven & Honky Tonk Man

Rene Goulet (In the Office)

On the Road with Rey Mysterio Jr. (DVD recorder)

Ric Flair & Roddy Piper – Roundtable

Rick Martel Shoot

Rick Steiner

Ricky Morton

Ricky Steamboat 


Timeline 2000 – Rikishi

Ring Roasts – 2 discs - Iron Shiek

Ring Roasts: Terry Funk (2 Disc)


Road Dogg

Road Warrior Animal

Road Warriors

Rob Feinstein Vol 2 (Are eff Video) (2 discs)
Robert Fuller

Rock n Roll Express

Rocky Johnson

Rocky King

Roddy Piper– 2 discs

Roddy Piper – 2 discs

Roddy Piper - WCW Tape
Ron Garvin (RF)

Ronnie Garvin the early years (Highspots)
Ron Bass

Straight Shootin’ With Ron Killings

Ron Simmons

Ronnie P Gossett

RVD – The Whole F’n Shoot 2000 (VHS conversion)



In The Ring with Sabu
Timeline ECW 1997 with Sabu
Straight Shootin’ With Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe & CM Punk

Sam Houston


Savio Vega

Scott Hall (2 Discs)

Scott Hall 2

Scott Norton
Scott Steiner 2005

Sean Waltman – 2 discs

Sean Waltman  (youshoot) 
Sgt Slaughter - 2 discs
Shane Douglas
Sharkboy (VHS conversion 10/10)


Shawn Michaels (2)

Sherri Martel

Sid Vicious 1997
Sid Vicious 2007

Skandar Akbar (SS ROH)

Skandor Akbar (RF)

1PW Interrogation Series with Southern Comfort (DVD Rip)
Spike Dudley
Stan Hansen

Steve Blackman

ROH Straight Shooting with Steve Corino

Steve Corino (2 discs)

Steve Williams

Stevie Ray

Superstar Billy Graham (2 discs)

Superstar Billy Graham Time Line 1977-1978 WWF

Surviving the Dungeon – 2 discs

On the Road with Tajiri & Super Crazy

Tazz Shoot

Ted Dibiase

Teddy Hart

Terri Runnels Shoot - 2 DISCS

Terry Funk (1998)*

Terry Funk – Volume 2 (2 Discs)*

Terry Funk & Bob Backlund Face Off Old School 101 (are eff Video)

Terry Funk & Shane Douglas (2 discs)

Terry Funk & Steve Corino

Terry Gordy

Terry Taylor

Tim Horner

Tito Santana

Tod Gordon

Tonga Kid
Tom Brandi
Tom Pritchard (SS ROH)

Tom Prichard (RF - 2 discs)

Tommy Rich

Tommy Young

Tony Atlas

Tony Atlas Shoot 2010
Terri Runnels Shoot

Tracey Smothers


Tully Blanchard

Tully Blanchard and Babydoll

Ultimate Warrior

Vader – 4 discs

Vader (ringside)

Vampiro 2004 (VHS conversion 8/10)

Vince Russo

Vince Russo & Ed Ferrera Ultimate Insiders – 3 discs

Virgil (VHS conversion)

Wahoo McDaniel

Wendi Richter

Wild Samoans Shoot (Afa & Sika)

William Regal

Women of Honour

Wrestlemania 1 w/ Sheik, Orndorff, and Orton 

Zach Gowan
Zeus Shoot Interview


Ric Flair Q and A 2009

RVD Q and A 2009
Wrestlefest Q&A 2004 w/ Dustin, Animal, Putski, Doherty & Iron Sheik
Brisco Brothers Q & A
Cauliflower Alley Club 1994
Cauliflower Alley Club 1995
Cauliflower Alley Club 1996
Cauliflower Alley 2008 - 2 discs
CCW Q&A - Eaton, Condrey, Cornette, Funk
Fan Slam Q&A Session March 13th 2004 'WrestleMania Reunion' (2 Discs)
Fan Slam Q&A Session with Ted DiBiase, Virgil, ‘Dr D’ David Schultz, Gary Michael Capetta, The Missing Link, Chief Jay Strongbow & More (VHS conversion 7/10)
Fanslam August 07 - Steamboat, Orndorf, Kevin Von Erich, Heenan, Dillon Ranger Ross
Hart Foundation Q&A
Legends Q & A - Bockwinkel, Sammartino, Race, Backlund
Legends Q&A 2004 with Snuka, Rocky Johnson, Fuji, Albano & Apter
Legends Q&A III with Percy, JJ, Slick, Luna, Nikolai, Zuchov, Tugboat, Doink
Legends of the Ring Q&A Special (Bearer, Slick, Doink, JJ Dillon, Typhoon, Bolsheviks, Clarke, Luna)
Jim Cornette & Bobby Heenan Q&A
Masked Superstar Q&A
Mick Foley Q+A (MWF)

Mid South Summit Ackbar,Lighting Express,Dundee & Dr. Death
Midnights & Bodies Q&A
NWA Legends Fanfest – Hall of Heroes
NWA Legends Fanfest 2008 – Q & A Rountable
NWA Legends Fanfest 2007 – Q & A Ted Dibiase
NWA Legends Fanfest 2007 – Q & A 4 Horsemen
NWA Legends Fanfest 2007 – Q & A Magnum TA
NWA Legends Fanfest 2008 – Q & A Bruno Sammartino vs Ivan Kolloff
NWA Fanfest 2009 – Ric Flair and Harley Race Q & A
NWA Fanfest 2009 – Jim Cornette Q & A
NWA Fanfest 2009 – Memphis Rountable (Jerry Jarrett, Dave Brown, Lance Russell)
NWA Fanfest 2009 – Hall of Heroes
NWA Fanfest 2009 – Wrestling Night 1
NWA Fanfest 2009 – Wrestling Night 2

NWA Fanfest 2010 – Mr Wrestling II Q & A

NWA Fanfest 2010 – Jim Cornette Q & A

NWA Fanfest 2010 – Hall of Heroes

NWA Fanfest 2010 – Wrestling Saturday

NWA Fanfest 2010 – Wrestling Sunday

Patriotic Pro Q&A w/ Valentine, Beefcake & Piper
SECW Fanfest
2004 Q&A w/Snuka, Rocky, Fuji, Albano, Slaughter, Tito, Reed & Sheik
Tully Blanchard Q&A (2 discs)
Wrestlecon Q&A Session with Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Von Erich, Bobby Heenan, Paul Orndorff, JJ Dillon, Gary Michael Capetta & More (VHS conversion 7/10)
WrestleFest 2005 Q&A Sessions (Heenan, T. Funk, Atlas, Missy, Magnum, Nikita, Dustin, Zbyszko, All 3 Dudleys, P. Bearer, Midnight Express, Lawler, Johnny Valiant)
Wrestlemania Fan Slam Q&A