The bears wrestling DVD collection

Documentaries ETC


Andre The Giant – Biography Channel           

Hulk Hogan – Biography Channel

Mick Foley – Biography Channel

Steve Austin – Biography Channel

The Rock – Biography Channel

Icons of Wrestling – Pepper Gomez

Icons of Wrestling – Lou Thesz       

Icons of Wrestling – Hardboiled Haggerty

Icons of Wrestling – the Iron Shiek 

Icons of Wrestling – Gorgeous George          

Icons of Wrestling – Abdullah the Butcher

Icons of Wrestling – Jimmy Valiant 

Icons of Wrestling – Yukon Eric  

Icons of Wrestling – Penny Banner

Icons of Wrestling – Antonio Inoki

Heroes of World Class

The Legend of Bruno Sammartino

Stu Hart 80th Birthday Tribute

Superstar Billy Graham - Confidential

New Jack - Hardcore

Wrestling Scandals (tv shows feat the sex/steroid scandals, Donahue, Geraldo, Larry King etc)

Atlanta History

Beyond the Mat

Life & Times of Paul Boesch

Lipstick & Dynamite

Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends

Max Sports Tribute to the Crusher

The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling (DVD Rip)

Wrestling With Shadows

They Live (Roddy Piper movie)

No Holds Barred (Hulk Hogan movie)

I Like to Hurt People - movie feat The Sheik

The Winners – Bruno Sammartino

101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler

Behind the Scenes at the Bash (Jimmy Garvin)

Canadian Wrestling (Canadian Film Board doc)

Legends Never Die

Savage – 70’s doc on Portland wrestling

Body Slam (Roddy Piper film)

The Wrestler (Gagne etc film)

Forever Hardcore Doc.

Hell come to Frogtown (Roddy Piper)


Faded Glory – The Von Erich Story 

Ready To Rumble (WCW Movie)
Breakfast With Blassie (Andy Kaufman Film)  

NBC Special Report n Wrestling - 1985

Beyond The Mat: Ringside Special Edition

History of Smoky Mountain Wrestling
The Life & Death of Owen Hart (Documentary by the makers of ‘Wrestling With Shadows’)

The Von Erichs "Of Birth and Blood"

Vince McMahon on Bob Costas' "On The Record"

HBO Real Sports-Deaths in Wrestling

Kurt Angle winning the Gold Medal at the 1996 US Olympics

Chris Benoit: CBC's News-The Fifth Estate-Fight to the Death

Morton Downey Jr. Wrestling Episode

Southern Discomfort Documentary

Wrestling with the Past (Documentaries on Vachons, Kiniski etc..)

Ric Flair Wrestler of the Century Banquet

Rare Wrestling Media Moments of the 80s (20/20, Richard Belzer)

ESPN Outside the Lines: Pro Wrestlings Hold on America

Best Japan Supershows(Flair/Inoki; Dory vs. Terry Funk; Flair/Martel title vs. title)

Chris Benoit: CBC's News-The Fifth Estate-Fight to the Death

HBO Real Sports-Deaths in Wrestling

The Glory Days of Wrestling (2 Disc Commercial Release)

ESPN Outside the Lines: Pro Wrestlings Hold on America

Body Slam

AWA on Donahue + WWF Scandals show

John Arrezzi’s Weekend of Marks Convention
Gentlemans Choice (Chris Adams doc)

Kayfabe – the Mockumentary
Blood Sweat & Bruises (EPSN Abrahms UWF doc)

Blood Guts and No Glory

Lou Thesz and the Lost Art of Hooking - 100 min
Wrestling In Hawaii

Pro Wrestlers on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Larry King Scandals Show with Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino & Barry Orton

Vicki Lawrence Show with WCW Wrestlers (Missy, Sting, Ventura, Rude)

Headliners & Legends (MSNBC) on Vince McMahon

Cheap Seats 3 Wrestling Episodes
Tough Enough Season Two (3 discs)
Tough Enough Season Three (4 discs)
Bret Hart – Survival of the Hitman (documentary)
1987 Locker Room Cam

WWF on MTV Interviews Raw footage 1985

WWF 80’s in Mainstream Media

The Original Sheik Documentary – 2 discs
Titans En El Ring (1973)

History of Wrestling in Kansas City - 2 discs 


Official Releases

50 Greatest Superstars – 3 discs 

Allied Powers - The Greatest Tag Teams - 3 discs

Andre The Giant (2006)

Austin v Mcmahon                            

Best of Confidential vol 1

Before They Were Superstars 2
Bobby Heenan – 2 discs
Bret Hart – The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be – 3 discs

Brian Pillman - Loose Cannon (2 discs)

Chris Benoit Hard Knocks (2 discs)

Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down

Chris Jericho - Breaking the Code - 3 discs

Diamond Dallas Page - Feel The Bang!

Divas Do New York

Divas - South of the Border

Divas - Undressed

Dusty Rhodes American dream - 3 discs

Eddie Guerrero – Cheating Death, Stealing Life – 2 discs

Eddie Guerrero – Viva La Raza – 3 discs

Edge – Decade of Decadence – 3 discs

Eve of Destruction

Goldberg - Who's next?     

Greatest Superstars Of The 80’s (3 discs)

Greatest Stars of the 90’s – 3 discs

Greatest Stars of Wrestlemania – 2 discs

The Hardy Boyz: Leap of Faith

A Twist Of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story

Hart & Soul – The Hart Family Anthology – 3 discs
Hell in a Cell – 3 discs

Highflyers – 3 discs

History of the Inter-Continental Championship – 3 discs

History of WWE title - 3 discs

History of World Heavyweight Championship – 3 discs
Hollywood Hogan Why I Rule The World (1999)
Hulk Hogan Anthology - 4 discs

Hulk Hogan - Hulk Still Rules

Hulk Hogan's Unreleased Collector's Series - 3 disc set

It's Our Time (1998)
Jeff Hardy - Enigma

Jesse Ventura

John Morrison: Rock Star

Kane - Twisted and Disturbed - 3 discs

Kane: Journey To Hell (2006)

Kevin Nash - The Outsider

Ladder Matches (3 discs)

Lita: It Just Feels Right (2001)
Macho Man - Behind the Madness

Mcmahon - 2 discs

Mick Foleys Greatest Hits & Misses (2 disc)

The Monday Night War

Mr Perfect – 2 discs

Nature Boy: Ric Flair (1999)

New & Improved DX (3 discs)

NWO Back in Black

NWO 4 Life

RAW 15th Anniversary (4 discs)

Raw Hits (Home Video)

Best Of Raw In 2009 (2010) 3 discs

Raw the Beginning - 4 discs

Ravishing Rick Rude - Raw

Razors Edge Scott Hall story
Rey Mysterio - Biggest Littlest Man - 3 discs

Ric Flair & the 4 Horsemen (2 discs)

Ric Flair - 2 Decades of Excellance

The Definitive Ric Flair Collection – 3 discs

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat - 3 discs
Road Warriors: The Life & Death (2 discs)

Rob Van Dam: One of A Kind

The Rock – 3 discs

The Rock : Know Your Role
Satans Prison – The Elimination Chamber – 3 discs

Saturday Nights Main Event – 3 discs
Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior

Shawn Michaels: From The Vault – 2 discs
Shawn Michaels' Boyhood Dream

Shawn Michaels Story – 3 discs

Shawn Michaels – My Story – 3 discs

Sid Vicious - Millennium Man

Smackdowns Greatest Moments - 3 discs
Spectacular Legacy of the AWA (2 discs)

Starrcade – 3 discs

The Greatest Steel Cage Matches of All Time - 3 discs 

Sting Unmasked ( 1999 )

Sting – Moment of Truth

Sting Back In Black ( 1999 )

Stone Cold Steve Austin - What

The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin – 3 discs

Steve Austin - Cause Stone Cold Said So

The Stone Cold Truth (2004)
Steve Austin - Hell Yeah

Steve Austin - Austin 3:16 Uncensored

Superstar Billy Graham - 20 years too soon

Sting - Unmasked


Tables, Ladders and Chairs

The Tag-Team Champions

TNA’s Greatest Moments

Triple H: The Game
Triple H: That Damn Good

Tombstone-history of undertaker - 3 discs

Ultimate Ric Flair - 3 discs

Undertaker - The Phenom

WCCW Triumph & Tragedy (2 discs)

WCW Magazine Presents: Best Of The 1990's

WCW Danger Zone

WCW Greatest Grudges

WCW New Blood on the Block

WCW MTV Beach Brawl & Snow Brawl

WCW/nWo Takeover (1997, Import German)

History of WCW - 3 discs
Worlds Greatest Wrestling Managers

Wrestling Gold 1 – Busted Open
Wrestling Gold 2 – The Main Event
Wrestling Gold 3 – We Like to Hurt People
Wrestling Gold 4 – No More Mr Nice Guy
Wrestling Gold 5 – Beat Me If You Can

Wrestling Most Powerful Families - (2 discs)

Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed (DVD Rip) (18+ Contains Nudity)
Wrestling Vixxxens Untamed (DVD Rip) (18+ Contains Nudity)

The Wrestler


Coliseum Home Video ~
1992 Year In Review
1993 Year in Review
1994 Year in Review
1995 Year in Review
Andre the CHV
2nd Annual Battle of the WWF Superstars
CHV Amazing Managers
CHV Bashed in the USA
CHV Battle of the WWF Superstars
CHV Battle of the WWF Superstars 1992

Best Of Summerslam (1993)

Best of the WWF 1 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 2 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 3 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 4 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 5 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 6 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 7 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 8 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 9 (CHV)

Best of the WWF 10 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 11 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 12 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 13 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 14 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 15 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 16 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 17 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 18 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 19 (CHV)
Best of the WWF 20 (CHV)
CHV Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest
CHV Bloopers, Bleeps, & Bodyslams (WF137)
Bret Hitman Hart 2: The Best there Is (1994) (CHV)
Bret "Hitman" Hart: The Pink & Black Attack (1997) (CHV)
CHV Brawl in the Family
Canadian Fan Favorites (CHV)
CHV Collector’s Series - The Greatest Matches
CHV Crunch Classic
Demolition: Witness The Power (1987)

CHV Even More Unusual Matches
The Excellence of Execution Collector’s Edition (Home Video)
The Fab 4 (1997) (CHV)

CHV Fan Favorites
Funniest Moments (1992) (CHV)
CHV Grand Slams
CHV Grudge Matches
CHV Grudges, Gripes & Grunts
CHV High Flyers
CHV Hits from the Crypt
CHV Hottest Matches
CHV Hulk Hogan - Real American
CHV Hulkamania
CHV Hulkamania 2
CHV Hulkamania 4
Hulk-a-Mania 6 (CHV)
Hulk-A-Mania Forever (CHV)
CHV Inside The Steel Cage
CHV Inside the WWF
CHV Invasion 92
CHV Invasion of the Bodyslammers
CHV Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Mania (1994) (CHV)
CHV Macho Madness
CHV Macho Man Randy Savage & Elizabeth
CHV Most Embarrassing Moments
Most Unbelievable Matches + Countdown to Summer Slam ’94 (Home Video)
CHV Paul Bearer's Hits from the Crypt
CHV Piledriver - Wrestling Music Videos and bonus music videos
CHV Rampage 1991
CHV Rampage 1992
Razor Ramon: Oozing Machismo (1994)
CHV Ricky the Dragon Steamboat 
CHV Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Greatest Hits
Shawn Michaels: Best Hits From Hbk (1995) (CHV)
Shawn Michaels: Hits From The Heartbreak Kid (1993)
CHV Slamfest 95
CHV Smack em Whack em 
CHV Strongmen
Summerslam: Greatest Hits (1994)
Superstars: The Music Video (1993)

CHV Supertape #1
CHV Supertape #2
CHV Supertape #3
CHV Supertape 4
CHV Supertape 92
CHV The Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior (1989) (CHV)
Ultimate Warrior (1992) (CHV)
Return Of The Ultimate Warrior (1992) (CHV)
Undertaker: The Face Of Fear (1996) (CHV)
Undertaker Gravest Matches (1993) (CHV)
CHV The Women Of The WWF
CHV Villains Of The Squared Circle
CHV Wham Bam Bodyslam
Winter Combat '96 (1996) (CHV)
CHV World Tour 1990
CHV World Tour 1991
CHV World Tour 1992
CHV World Tour 1996
CHV Wrestlefest 1990
CHV Wrestlefest 1991
CHV Wrestlefest 1992
CHV Wrestlefest 94
CHV Wrestlefest 88
CHV Wrestling World Tour
CHV Wrestling's Country Boys
CHV Wrestling’s Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams
Wrestling Super Heroes (CHV)
CHV WWF's Most Unusual Matches
CHV WWF Superstars: The Music Video

Columbia House Collection
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best I-C Title Matches
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best Steel Cage Matches
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of WrestleMania
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best WWF Super Heroes
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best Saturday Night’s Main Event Matches
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of Hulk-a-Mania
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best Tag Team Matches

WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of the European Rampage Tour
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of the Mega Matches + Best of Bret Hart

WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of the Battle of the WWF Superstars

WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of the Ultimate Warrior

WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of the WWF Tag Team Champions
WWF Columbia House Collection: Best of the WWF’s Most Unusual Matches